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Born and raised in BC (Vancouver Island boy) but have been from one end of Canada to the other in this radio biz! In Ontario a short time now but am loving life here! Caught my 1st Spitfires game (they won so I have promoted myself to the teams Lucky Charm!)
FOOD! Total foodie! Hey…you hafta eat right? Might as well be the best you can get. From burgers to wings to steaks and BBQ! Great…now I am hungry! I(f you are driving around and smell BBQ…it might just be me! I have been known to light up and grill a steak at ANY time of the day! Once…at 3am just because I had a craving!
Before my love of food is the love of my life…my wife Robyn. Been together for 14 years now? Married for…hmmm…I should know the answer to that…I want to say married for 6 or 7 of those? She keeps me grounded and in check. I can get outta hand once in a while. She is also part of my show. I prank call her…often. Might be the reason she leaves a pillow and sheets out on the couch every night.
Pet lover! I love all creatures we call pets! Have 2 cats in the house. R2D2 and Jeff Lebowski (for those fans of the Dude) I love to help out with charities for animals in any way I can! Getting more of these fur friends into more homes!
Charity! I have said that if I do NOT use the job that I have to help with charities then I should not have this job. I love taking advantage of the fact that I have a mic in front of my face 5 days a week to share with you ALL the information you need so you can go and join me in helping pets…kids…or just anyone that is in need. 
My vow to you is this…I will be open and honest with you. I expect the same. I will help as many people as I can in life. Fix as many issues as I can. Have a LOT of fun with you along the way, maybe even solve some of the worlds problems just for good measure.

All you have to do is tune in…chime in when you have something to say…call me out when you spot something…and just enjoy this ride we take together each morning from 5:30-9! In the meantime…get some sleep…5:30 comes early!

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