Hair Raising Feud Between Lohan and Kim Kardashian

Published On January 30, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

It’s On!!! Between Kardashian & Lohan . . . Over Cornrows…

Kim Kardashian posted pictures of her new cornrows, and Lindsay Lohan commented that she was “confused” by it.   Kim responded, “You know what’’s confusing . . . Your sudden foreign accent.”

Kim got cornrows, and called them “Bo Derek braids” ; a nod to Bo Dereck, who made cornrows famous in the 1979 movie “10”.  She also posted a bunch of pictures, including one where she called herself “Bo West”.

A lot of people on the Internet are  also accusing Kim of cultural appropriation because it sounds like she is giving the credit for that hairstyle to a white woman.



Photo: You Tube

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