Big Revelations From Bachelors ‘After The Final Rose’

Published On March 7, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News


The ‘After The Final” Rose special  for “The Bachelor” was last night and Arie got back together with Lauren. Well, we saw that coming now didn’t we?  o if  you were hoping he would end up alone after what he did to poor poor Becca, consider this God’s way of telling you that this is the real world, and bad people usually win.  Becca did get to confront Arie for the first time since he dumped her.  It was incredibly awkward.  Arie fed her a ridiculous story about how the reason he dumped her on camera was that he wanted people to know that the decision was all his. UGHHHHHH.

He did end up proposing to Lauren, She said yes. Puke.

And the NEW Bachelorette is, of course, Boring Becca.


Here are a few “Bachelor” Randoms that surfaced after the show.

A Minnesota State Representative was so mad about what Arie did to his fellow Minnesotan Becca, that he’s drafting a bill Banning Arie from the state. He actually tweeted about the idea saying he’d do it if he got a thousand re-Tweets.  He got almost 11,000.

At least 16 anti-Arie billboards have gone up in California and Becca’s home state of Minnesota. And Zach Braff isn’t happy about his resemblance to Arie. He Tweeted, quote, “I don’t wanna look like this anymore.”



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