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Published On May 15, 2018 | By Tymo | Mornings

Do I need to buy another gift??
It is my loving wife’s birthday today! She has hinted that she wanted a ukulele and some lessons…so…I went and got her one and paid for a month of lessons. I hid the gift in the back of my truck…she never goes back there…and thought it was safe till today. Last weekend we did some shopping and she went to put the bags…you got it…in the back seat and saw my gift. FREAKED OUT! Loves it! Can’t wait to learn to play! Then…she asked me…’Does this mean I don’t get a gift ON my birthday?’
I did spend a fair chunk of change on this gift…do I hafta go get another cause she found this one??
I leave it up to you…

And…here is what you said!

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