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Listen to CoOL FM all week long for a chance to win. If you hear your name Monday to Friday at 7:10am or 3:10pm, give us a call at 1-844-944-COOL within an hour with your correct keyword and you win 100 cash! Sign up below to have your name called out and win cash!

If the listener doesn’t give us a call within the hour – that cash rolls on over to the next person.

Stay tuned as the pot grows!

Contest line: 1-844-944-COOL

**Regular contesting rules apply**

Say My Name

  • This is specific to you! Make it whatever you want but make sure you remember it. You'll have to tell the hosts your keyword when they say your name to win the cash.
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3 Responses to SAY MY NAME

  1. Diane Decaire says:

    Where do we find the key words daily?

    • Kelsey Coon says:

      Your keyword is specific to you, you choose your keyword, enter it in the form and tell it to the host when they say your name

      • glenda prisner says:

        the key word is for them to ask you when you call in to win: this is to ensure someone else doesn’t claim your winnings

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