Do ONE of these…you WILL feel better!

Published On October 9, 2018 | By Tymo | Mornings, The Game

For the Game today…I was looking for any of the top 3 on this list…

A new survey found the average Canadian experiences two BOOSTS in confidence a day.  And we’re at our most confident around 12:30 in the afternoon.  Here are the top 10 little things that can give us a confidence boost . . .

4.  Hearing one of your favorite songs,   (Hopefully I help with that one.)

5.  Exercising

6.  Shopping

7.  Talking to a good friend

8.  Getting a compliment from your boss

9.  Knowing you smell good

10.  Talking to a family member

The top 20 also includes wearing new shoes . . . your first cup of coffee . . . spending time on a hobby . . . getting a massage . . . and getting a mani-pedi.  And 16% said just catching their own reflection in a mirror gives them a confidence boost.

I was looking for ANY of the top 3…

HERE is that top3 for ya…

I say…try at least one today…I bet it works!


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