I do not offer to do THIS very often…

Published On November 2, 2018 | By Tymo | Mornings

I posted something on my Facebook page about my wife at Halloween…I thought it was a compliment. My older brothers told me…saying this about who you are with…IS a compliment! So after I posted it…a friend of mine said…how dare I say that about my wife. The more I thought about it..the more I wondered if she was right?! Here is what I posted…AND here is the pic that I was posting about!…
“WOW! She married down! My wife for Halloween was THIS hot piece of a$$. She wakes up looking this good!”
So…what I said here…is it offensive? If the majority of you say yes…I will apologize on the air for it…and NEVER use that phrase again!
If not…then we move on in life…
Would you be offended if you were told you are a hot piece of a$$?

Click HERE to see what was said…and did I have to offer an apology?


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