The Fusion Auto Football Pool

Welcome to this year’s Football Pool, sponsored by Fusion Auto!
Thanks to everyone who participated in this season’s Fusion Auto Sales Football Pool!

Congrats to the GRAND PRIZE winner of the 2016-2017 Cool FM/Fusion Auto Sales Football Pool KEN DAY!

Ken Day 104 pts
Gary Rose 100 pts
Carol Peltier 93 pts
Rose Emms 90 pts
Roy Ford 88 pts
Dan Day 79 pts
Wayne Robertson 79 pts
Dwayne Green 68 pts
Brian Odette 63 pts
Chris Candido 59 pts
Jim Berry 58 pts
Linda Robertson 58 pts
Carolyn Odette 47 pts
MB Jackson 47 pts
Myles Jackson 45 pts
John Montgomery 42 pts
Colin Boyle 37 pts
Dave Fuhrman 36 pts
Karen Montgomery 36 pts
Lorrie Boyle 35 pts
Rhya Crew 31 pts
Dave Cadotte 25 pts
Jaime Pritchard 23 pts
Blake Bas 22 pts
Kelly Mallette 22 pts
Gary Dolphin 19 pts
Duane Agar 16 pts
Jason Montgomery 16 pts
Chris Giannakas 15 pts
Mark Peel 15 pts
May Fuhrman 14 pts
Roger Seage 13 pts
Jeff Teare 12 pts
Laurie Harrison 12 pts
Josh Labute 10 pts
Jim Moir 9 pts
Mike Floin 9 pts
Edwin Avery 8 pts
John Buis 8 pts
Mike Parker 8 pts
Mitch Miller 8 pts
Nicole Brinklaus 8 pts
Rick Bondy 8 pts
Darcy Bellinger 7 pts
Joe Corbi 7 pts
Tina Godard 7 pts
Brett Goudreau 6 pts
Dan Warren 6 pts
Leo Heuvelmans 6 pts
Rachel Laderoute 6 pts
David Beatty 4 pts
Joe Cartier 2 pts

TOP WEEKLY LEADER: Roy Ford Click here for all scores.



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