Do You Know YOUR Tv?

By: Dave Tymo


The Game

We played YES or BS with tv series finales this morning…as in…who watched what the MOST for the series endings…

THE most watched final show was?? Get to that in a sec but…

By the numbers…

The Five Most-Watched Series Finales of All Time

The series finale of “Cheers” in 1993 is in the top five.

Yes:  It’s the second most-watched finale of all time with 84 million viewers in the U.S.

The two-part series finale of “Dallas” in 1991 is in the top five.

B.S.  It’s 12th with 33 million viewers.

The series finale of “Seinfeld” from 1998.

Yes:  It’s fourth with 76 million viewers.

The series finale of “Friends” from 2004.

Yes:  It’s fifth with 53 million viewers.

And the winner is!! #1!! I should say…the winner STILL is…

The series finale of “M*A*S*H” from 1983.

Yes:  It’s still the most-watched TV episode EVER with 106 million viewers.

Did you catch that show??


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